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Karsey Glass specializes in the residential glass industry. From the front door to the bathroom shower, we can meet all of your home glass improvement needs. Our services include:

If you have a residential glass need, Karsey Glass is the solution!




Frameless glass shower doors are becoming increasingly popular, and with good reason. The frameless style makes showers appear sleek and modern while maintaining a sense of sophistication. Worried about durability? Don't be. Karsey Glass uses extremely sturdy tempered glass products, which when paired with the experience and knowledge of our glass shower installation experts, is guaranteed to meet your expectations of reliability and style. An added benefit to glass shower enclosures is their ease of maintenance -- compared to other materials, glass is very easy to clean, and you'll never have to worry about your shower enclosure becoming rusty. The less metal involved in the construction of your shower enclosure, the less you'll have to worry about deterioration in the moist environment, when applied with Enduroshield.






Your options in framed units are many. The stability and function of the enclosures are what adds/gives to the continuous quality of these enclosures. Our framed units are versatile in every application for your single swing doors, doors with fixed panels, bypass sliding glass doors or steamer units. Our framed units are flexible to include/combine any design with almost any combination of angles.


New semi-frameless shower doors can, very simply, improve the look of your home. It is amazing how the replacement of your old shower doors can change the way your bathroom feels, changing it from a useful room that you have to use to a beautiful room that you want to use. Anytime that you choose to update your bathroom with new shower doors it is extremely important to know your choices and decide what is appealing to your tastes and sense of style. Knowing a little bit about each type of glass shower will help you make the right choice for your home. In the construction of a semi-frameless shower door, only the metal needed to maintain the structure of the door is used. Semi-frameless can be a great option in shower doors depending on your needs and budget.



Karsey Glass also repairs and replaces shower glass.  We are Your One-stop shower glass solution.



Whether you’re moving into a new home or simply wish to reduce your cleaning time, EnduroShield has the solution. Suitable for a variety of new and existing surfaces, EnduroShield easy clean treatments equip you with a smarter cleaning approach so you can spend more time doing the things you love. Factor in the added bonus that chemical free cleaning with less water usage saves you money while helping the environment and EnduroShield quickly proves its return on investment.


Factory or professional application with up to 10 years warranty for glass and up to 5 years warranty on tiles and stainless steel.



Shower Glass


Wall mirrors add a great design element to any room, but are especially useful for expanding narrow rooms, poorly lit hallways and tight nooks. Strategically placed wall mirrors invite light and open up small spaces. Put a wall mirror at a right angle to your windows to maximize an open feel.

The professionals at KARSEY Glass have been installing mirrors and mirror walls throughout the Charlotte, NC area since 1992. Perhaps you own a gym or a dance studio, or maybe you just have a small room in your business that you'd like to feel more open. Whether it's a practical aspect of your business or just a way to maximize the amount of visual space around your office, mirror walls can have several uses in your commercial property. Traditionally, mirror walls are used most in fitness settings, such as gyms, yoga studios, and dance studios where keeping an eye on your form is key to training properly. But mirror walls, when placed properly with the right lighting, can also make rooms appear more open and inviting to customers and employees alike.


KARSEY Glass offers:

  • Wall Mirrors

  • Antique Mirrors

  • Bevel Strips

  • One Way Mirrors

  • By-Pass Door Mirrors

  • Bathroom Vanity Mirrors

  • Arched

  • Beveled

  • Dressing Room Mirrors

  • Bar Mirrors

  • Tinted Mirrors

  • Fireplace

  • Oval

  • Exercise Room Mirrors

Antique Mirrors


KARSEY Glass Is The Antique Mirror Leader in the Charlotte Area. KARSEY Glass specializes in antique mirror glass for designers, architects, and private individuals for a variety of decorative applications. Whether covering a wall, designing a backsplash in a kitchen or bathroom or creating a centerpiece for your room, KARSEY Glass aims to provide a quality crafted antique mirror for your application.

Why choose KARSEY Glass for Antique Mirror Sale?

  • We can cut and polish your Antique Mirror to any size or shape you desire.

  • We professionally Install your Antique Mirror.

  • Our experienced team is well seasoned and extremely knowledgeable

  • Customization - We can do what most can't

Aside from practical needs like helping you prepare yourself for your day, mirrors serve a great decorative purpose in any room. Antique-style mirrors add a sophisticated, old-time feeling to your home that is sure to please the eyes. Rather than having to shop around for an old mirror that may or may not fit in the space that you have in mind, the antique mirror specialists at KARSEY Glass can make a brand new customized mirror in an antique style for you. Our experienced antique mirror experts will work with you to make sure that you're getting exactly the look that you're hoping for.

Back Painted Glass


KARSEY Glass is the area leader in Back Painted Glass.

From kitchen back splashes to just about anywhere tile is installed on walls, back painted glass can add brilliant color, shine and sophistication without the high maintenance of grout lines. Transform ordinary walls into stunning interiors with Back Painted Glass. Widely popular in Europe, reverse and back painted glass is the perfect alternative to traditional tile, paint, and wallpaper, offering a custom glass finish that is modern, clean, seamless, vibrant, and hygienic.

The modern elegance of Back Painted Glass makes this solution perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, showers, and many other areas of the home. In fact, back painted glass is so clean lined and beautiful, that it is increasingly being specified by leading interior designers and architects for new and innovative residential applications. There are various applications for Back Painted Glass including kitchen back splashes, bathroom & shower walls, bar splash backs, closet doors, cabinets, and furniture as well as for upscale commercial interiors, offices, and hotels.

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Maybe it's happened to you. You wake up one morning and notice one of the double-pane windows or a patio door is a little cloudy. You wipe the inside pane with the sleeve of your bathrobe and nothing happens. You step outside and get the same results. Then the Eureka! moment arrives: the condensation is between the two panes of glass. When the seal on insulated glass windows fail, call KARSEY Glass. Our trained professionals can replace any Insulated Glass Window.

We DO what most other companies WON’T !

Utilizing Low E Glass KARSEY Glass will create a more energy efficient environment in your home.

Low E glass is the ideal energy efficient window solution. Here are a few of the benefits:

  • Blocks direct solar heat year-round

  • Reduces solar heat gain where air conditioning costs are significant

  • Reduces deterioration of a home's carpet, draperies, and furniture from UV rays

  • Provides improved comfort in the winter

  • Reduces heating and cooling costs

Why use KARSEY Glass?

  • Rapid Response and Fast Turn-Around.

  • Pricing, we are competitively priced.

  • Experienced team is well seasoned and extremely knowledgeable.

  • Creative Craftsmanship.

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