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What's Hot For 2020?

We are seeing growing popularity in glass railing in commercial and yes, in residential applications too. With all the modern designed construction in the Charlotte area, it is no surprise to see this elegant and open glass application being utilized in offices, upscale homes and apartments. Contact Karsey Glass if you are considering this option in your project.


Frameless Shower Spas

If you are building a new home or remodeling an existing one, installing a modern frameless glass shower will turn your bathroom into a spa. Karsey Glass is one of the area's largest suppliers of shower glass. Contact us to learn more.

Replacing Insulated Glass
Many will tell you that to fix insulated glass windows with a broken seal, you have to replace the whole window. Karsey Glass can actually replace just the glass, saving homeowners and businesses plenty. Call to learn more.
Popular Hale Pet Doors

When we started offering Hale Pet Doors last Summer, we had no idea how popular they would be. Families love their pets and these secure, easy-to-use pet doors make it easier to care for them. Plus it makes for a happier pet. Karsey Glass sells and installs them in exterior doors, patio doors and walls. Contact us to learn more about Hale Pet Doors.


Call Karsey Glass For All Of Your Commercial & Residential Glass Needs At (704) 900-3821

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