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  • Jim Burris

Glass For Your Home


Glass Doors And Enclosures

For Home Offices

Working from a home office has many advantages. But privacy can be an issue. Karsey Glass can custom design and install glass doors (like this example of rounded glass doors installed in a Charlotte home). We also install glass office enclosures that provide privacy and noise reduction for home offices. Contact us to add a "touch of glass" to your home office.

It's Shower Season In Charlotte

It's not even April but the demand for glass showers is higher than ever. Karsey Glass has been very busy installing glass showers like these throughout the Charlotte area. Because we can custom size the shower to fit any space, we offer a better option than those who offer only standard sizes. and often our price is better too.

So if you are planning a bath remodel, contact the Shower Glass experts at Karsey Glass.


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