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  • Jim Burris

Mirror Glass For Home & Commercial Gyms

Over the last year when commercial gyms were closed, many homeowners created home gyms. This has continued to be a popular trend even with most commercial gyms now reopening. Home gyms provide convenience and privacy for workouts. The finishing touch for any gym is floor to ceiling mirrors so you can see the results of your efforts.

Karsey Glass specializes in the installation of mirrors walls for gyms of all types, from commercial to apartment complexes and offices to home gyms. Call us for details.


Fogged Glass Window & Door Repair

If you have glass windows or doors that look like this, you are not only unable to see through them but are also losing a lot of energy. The fogged effect comes from a broken seal in the insulated glass. This allows atmosphere and moisture to get into what had been an air tight chamber. Once this occurs, the glass loses its insulation capability, allowing the summer heat into your home.

The good news is that Karsey Glass can repair insulated glass, restoring your view and energy savings. Call us for more information.


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