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  • Jim Burris

What To Do When Your Insulated Glass Fails To Do Its Job.

Most homes built in the last 25 years utilize Insulated Glass windows. Over time the window seals may deteriorate allowing the argon glass between the 2 glass panels to escape. When this happens, the window ceases to provide any energy efficiency whatsoever and will eventually fog as moisture invades the space between the glass panes. A window with a broken seal provides little more energy efficiency than just opening it.

Most window companies will tell you to replace the window with a new one. The sad truth is that each year thousands of homeowners do just that, wasting millions of dollars, when the glass in the window can easily be replaced by a company like Karsey Glass, for a fraction of the cost of replacing the whole window. If you have glass windows or doors that have failed seals, before you replace the whole window, consider letting Karsey Glass repair them.


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