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Planning A Bath Remodel?

Planning A Bath Remodel?

While many have been working from home, it is surprising the amount of home improvement projects we are seeing. One of the areas Karsey Glass can assist is bath remodels. We offer frameless glass showers, mirror glass and windows. Because of our ability to custom size shower glass and mirrors, we can fit your application to any size bath space. If you would like to learn more about our bathroom glass services, please call us at 704-900-3821.


Commercial Glass For Reopening Offices

As more offices reopen in the Carolinas, the once popular open office is transitioning to an office with more walls and separation. This is of course a result of the pandemic as employers seek to provide a safer workplace. Karsey Glass has been in the business of building interior glass walls in offices for years. Glass walls retain the open atmosphere while providing privacy and protection. We also can provide sneeze guards for work stations. Call us for more information about office glass services.

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